Our ability to provide exceptional entertainment and a positive impact on our local economy is dependent on your support. The truth is that ticket sales alone cannot sustain top quality theatre at The Moonlight. Your yearly membership gift of any amount will help us be able to keep our quality high and our costs low. 



Our Sustaining Patron Monthly Donation Plan allows musical theatre supporters on any budget to make a sustained and powerful impact at The Moonlight. Join your neighbors and fellow lovers of world-class musical theatre under the stars, in making a positive contribution to the quality of life in our region.


Many companies support their employees and local non-profits through matching gifts programs. Contact Justin Jorgensen Vierela at or (760) 630-7650 for more information about matching gifts from your employer. Complete a matching gift form with your company and your contribution will have double the impact you have at The Moonlight!



The Moonlight Cultural Foundation can help your business get more exposure to new customers while you support the arts in the community! We offer opportunities to sponsor individual productions, or the entire season. Sponsorships Moonlight Youth Theatre programs and productions are also available.

Can't find what you're looking for? Contact Justin Jorgensen Vierela to set up a corporate gift that fits your business.